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Here to help and dedicated to bringing the best services and highest level of customer satisfaction, you’ll find working with us a real pleasure.

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Young people today need models more than critics...

When it comes to getting a graduate job, who better to consult than those who have just been through the process themselves and come out on top?

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From heads of department to students, our feedback has been wholly positive and truly positions us as leading school service providers.

Our Testimonials

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What We Do

Hello! We’re Foresight

Foresight is an organisation committed to creating services for schools and individuals that complement and enhance a traditional careers education. We stay ahead of the curve and give the upcoming generation the added means, preparation and support to tackle the increasingly competitive world, maximise their employability, showcase their talent, stand out from the crowd and succeed. Our team are dedicated to research, understanding the future, helping young adults prepare for a bright, happy path ahead and delivering our up to date, tailored workshops to schools, careers materials and one-on-one consultations through ever expanding topics.

  • Current working population with degrees 38%
  • Graduates “not ready for the working world” upon leaving university 65%
  • Number of young people entering higher education this year 49%
  • Number of graduates currently not in a ‘graduate job’ 47%
  • Annual increase in the number of people using social media worldwide 22%
  • Number of employers using social media to access candidates 82%

“Foresight’s involvement in our sixth form has been a wholly positive experience. The care, energy and flexibility they have put into understanding our requirements, and tailoring a workshop to our aims makes them stand out from all other providers.”

Godolphin School

What makes us stand out?

In the spirit of efficiency, we’ve narrowed it down to our clients’ favourite six.


Foresight has brought careers education into the 21st Century, and our services are constantly evolving with the changing times. We’re not just thinking about today though: through research and our professional network we look to the future so we can better inform students on what’s ahead and how to be prepared.


Our services function as a bolt-on and are tailored to complement and enhance your existing careers programme, emphasizing the topics you feel are most important for your students. Every school is different, every school has its unique requirements and timetables, and we promise to meet these with efficiency and dedication.


Stress free

Not only is our content great, but also the support we give you – you will be amazed how easy it is to work with Foresight. We deal with all the administration surrounding our services, from providing information and sign-up forms, to letters to parents and follow up materials. We know you’re busy, so we’ve got your back.



We have a serious responsibility to introduce concepts at the right time and in the right manner – our services are all designed with this in mind. We understand, empathise with and respect your students and also work to make each one of them feel more confident and reassured about the exciting paths ahead.


We’re social both online and offline. Our Facebook and Twitter accounts allow us to engage with students on another level and keeps the careers conversation driving forward. We’re also friendly people, we hope, and consistently get top marks for approachability from parents, students and members of staff alike.

Cost Effective

In the words of one client, “with Foresight you get a lot of bang for a little buck”. We’re committed to keeping the cost of our prices competitive and your quote will have no hidden fees. It includes all time, admin, workbooks, follow up materials and network access. A two hour workshop can cost as little as £40!

Currently the average number of applicants per graduate position in the United Kingdom


Companies see employability skills as the most important quality in a young candidate


Managing Directors say they must change their hiring strategy to attract and retain "talent"


Of those Directors say they have not taken the steps to do so yet, but plan to in the next five years

Our Team

The team consults a growing network to bring you the best, most relevant services possible:

The Foresight Team

The Foresight Team

Young, engaging, approachable

We believe that the best careers advice can only come from those with real experience of the system and we are incredibly proud of the team we have assembled. Our core Foresight Team are young, refreshing, and score consistently highly when it comes to approachability and workshop delivery. Every individual school we work with is assigned an Account Manager who oversees all of the administration and works closely with you to ensure the best possible content, customer service and satisfaction.

Graduate Executives

Graduate Executives

Empathetic, helpful, energetic

Our network of Graduate Executives and Consultants help us analyse employment and skill trends within wide ranging sectors and offer a window into their respective industries. Through them we are able to even better understand the difficulties facing the next generation and provide students with relevant advice for embarking on their own journey. Access to our Graduate Network is available to both our private students and those attending our workshops. More information can be found a bit lower down.

Admission Tutors and HR Consultants

Admission Tutors and HR Consultants

Experienced, professional, insightful

Our Consulting Admissions Tutors and HR Professionals enable us to keep an ear to the ground and give an insider’s perspective on what makes a successful applicant. Their advice is paramount, from what employers and universities are looking for as recruitment processes evolve, to pointing out the common pitfalls to avoid when submitting an application. Our supporting team represents a broad spectrum of career and university options – they have studied and worked across most fields and sectors.

“Our young team have first hand experience and empathise with the difficulties facing the upcoming generation. Couple that with our HR and graduate insight and the result is a diverse group of dedicated people who inspire, give confidence and support you.”

Nick Evans, Foresight Director

Our Graduate Network

Ready and waiting to answer your questions.

When it comes to getting a graduate job, who better to consult than someone who has recently been through the process themselves and come out on top? Our graduate network brings together successful graduates from across all sectors to not only give us the inside scoop on their industry but, more importantly, to answer students’ questions, big or small.

For some programmes, one week either side of our fantastic workshop your students can ask any questions at all, be it whether or not they enjoy the day-to-day lifestyle their job provides to what time they normally finish, even whether or not they can listen to music at work.

This Month’s Graduate Interviews: Doug

So, what is a Vlogger?

“Well in a nutshell I make videos for YouTube. Cooking, life hacks, travel,  lifestyle you name it!”

This Month’s Graduate Interviews: Charlotte

Why advertising?

“I always wanted a job where I’d think outside the box, and a lot of the work in advertising is just that”


Millenials found their last job through a social network according to an Aberdeen study


Google searches, about 300 million per month, are career or employment related


Recruiters report having hired someone through the professional network, LinkedIn


Candidates are regularly active on LinkedIn, despite the number of recruiters using it

Our Testimonials

A small handful of the praise Foresight is proud to have received.

“Education is all about changing lives. Foresight has done that today.”

Eton College

“Foresight’s involvement has been a wholly positive experience.”

Godolphin School

“The boys were inspired and confident about how they may succeed.”

Winchester College

“They add an exciting and real world dimension to careers education.”

Sherborne Girls

“Working with Foresight is inspiring, instructive and impactful.”

Latymer Upper School

“The girl’s took a great deal from the session. Very valuable.”

Downe House

“An exceptional event, a fantastic organisation. Highly recommended.”

Manchester Grammar School

“Thank you Foresight. Excellent feedback from both girls and staff.”

The Abbey School

“I feel more prepared and know what skills to project.”

Holly, Lower Sixth

“I honestly thought your workshop was just fantastic!”

Jia Jun, GCSE Year

“Inspiring and positive. I can really see my options now.”

Claire, Upper Sixth

“Now I know how to use social media to my advantage.”

James, Lower Sixth

“I loved everything, but mostly that I can follow my passions.”

Adrian, Upper Sixth

“I feel more prepared to sell myself with my brand.”

Karina, Lower Sixth

“Completely changed the way I think about careers.”

Hideki, Lower Sixth

“That was so fun and informative! Thank you very much!”

Cordelia, GCSE Year

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