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Getting to grips with what we offer could not be easier. Just follow these 3 simple steps and we’ll be ready to create a programme that works for you.

What We Do

Step 1: Choose one of our four fantastic areas of expertise...

Foresight works diligently across four principal areas: School Visits, Gap Services, One-on-one Advice and our subscription service, Insight.

Our Services

Step 2: Get acquainted with some of our sample programmes...

While our workshops are all tailored to your needs, the following blocks give examples of thought areas from which we can build your programme.

Sample Programmes

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It costs nothing to get a quote, so why not get in touch and let us know what sparked your interest? All our quotes are completely no obligation.

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Choosing a service - our engaging School Workshops?

Foresight’s enlightening and interactive workshops visit schools all over the UK and deliver information on a range of key topics, all tailored to work for you.

School Workshops

Choosing a service - Our inspiring Gap Year events?

Our Gap Services help students make the right choices to maximise the potential for growth offered by a year out, be it travel, work or both.

Gap Services

Choosing a service - our supportive Private Consultancy?

Our Private Services offer one-on-one help and provide individual careers support on an array of topics at a industry leading rate.

Private Consultancy

Choosing a service - an invaluable Insight subscription?

In a connected world where commercial awareness is crucial to success, Insight summarises everything you need to know from the past week.

Insight Subscriptions

Introduction: What We Do

We provide the highest level of tailored support and advice to supplement traditional HE and careers education, designed to help you create foundations and begin standing out in a competitive world:

Working with Schools

Are you visiting us representing a school? Foresight designs workshops specifically for Year 11-13 students to supplement and enhance any pre-existing HE and careers strategy. We visit schools across the UK and normally function as an optional extra and bolt-on, aligning ourselves with your timetable. We take care of all the admin we can surrounding our school visits, and will have all the necessary advice and letters to parents, information for attendees etc. ready and waiting to be put into your house style and sent out.

Working with Individuals

Looking for private careers guidance for your son or daughter? Look no further, as our private consultancy is a fantastic way to give them a leg up on the world of work and more confidence moving forward. Foresight’s careers tutors are available to students between the ages of 16 and 23 in the London area. After a brief consultation, we will create a programme pertinent to your son or daughter’s position and aims. On average each individual only needs two sessions to feel the maximum benefit of our guidance.

Quick Reminder

There are several reasons why working with us is the best option, some of which we’ve listed below:

Tailored Content

Your assigned account manager or tutor will make sure all the content created for you is tailored to your needs and timetable.


Your Timetable

Whether you believe our services are best suited to during or after school hours, we work at a time convenient to you.

Designed to Engage

Our services are designed to get students really engaging with careers. They all come with workbooks and follow up materials.

Graduate Access

Open to all who work with us, our graduate network is a valuable resource that gives the inside scoop on specific careers and sectors.

Step 1: Choosing a Service

We have four fantastic areas of work at Foresight: School Workshops, Private Services, Gap Services and Insight. Whether you are interested in a group, school programme, or a more personal service, before we can put a quote together for you we will need to know which you may be interested in.  A brief description of all four can be found below:

School Workshops

School Workshops

Efficient, Engaging, Memorable

Gap Services

Gap Services

Enlightening, Broad, Necessary

Our school workshops go above and beyond the traditional careers education and are perfect for those wanting to build strong foundations and get a leg up on their futures and the world of work. Exploring social media, developing a personal brand, capturing transferable skills, getting experience, we will create a workshop to suit your students.


Tailored bolt-on


Up-to-date content


Skills for life

“Foresight’s content, materials and continued support are second to none.”

Our gap services help students maximise the potential for growth offered by a year out. Whether you are hoping to work, travel or do both, we’re here to help you make decisions which will inform your future. We organise broad Gap Fairs and talks for schools and, for private clients, can help you create a gap year brimming with employability.


Travel and work


Gap fairs & workshops


Advice for parents

“We ensure Gap Years are brimming with fun and employability”

Private Consultancy

Private Consultancy

Personal, Confidence Building, Effective



Time Saving, Informative, Accesible

Our private tutors are on hand to help individuals in all things careers. Whether you have that big interview coming up, you’re wrestling with your modesty to write a shining cover letter or you want a bit of support setting your basic future foundations, we’ll come to you and do everything we can to get you careers-happy and on track.


Individually designed


Friendly & supportive



“It is amazing the difference that can be made in a couple of sessions”

Our superb subscription service. With commercial awareness and an understanding of the world news topping the list of criteria both universities and employers are looking for in candidates, Insight summarises all you need to know from the last month and gives you exclusive careers hints, tips, advice and much, much more.


Major news stories


Business in brief


Trending breakdown

Next Insight








Step 2: Our Sample Programmes

While our workshops are all tailored to your needs, the following blocks give examples of some of the foundations from which we can build your programme, whether you are a school or private client. From developing a personal brand to identifying transferable skills, what works for you?

Step 3: Get a Quote

Whether you are a school or parent and simply have a query or want us to put together a programme outline and no obligation quote, do not hesitate to get in touch using the form to the right. If you’re happy with that, your new Account Manager or Private Tutor will start putting together more specific content for you.

Please leave a little information on the the amount of time we would have at our disposal and any sample products or programme areas you find particularly interesting. If you would find it easier, just give us a ring and one of the team will happily discuss your options.

We can’t wait to work with you!