Work Experience Questions Answered

Our three top tips for getting some summer work experience:

Whether it’s a few hours spent shadowing someone to a full blown week in the office, work experience is an unparalleled way to hone your secondary skills and gain valuable insight into different sectors. So, to help you get on the work experience ladder, we’ve put together three of our top tips…

So, before we look at any tips at all, there is one thing we want you to promise us – that you will not rely on others to find you work experience. Why do we say that? Well even the process of finding someone who works in an industry of interest and asking them whether or not they might be able to fit you into their schedule will not only help with your communication skills and levels of confidence but also make the whole process an ever bigger personal achievement. People are happy to share what they do with the upcoming generation, but they are less likely do so if they don’t see genuine desire from the actual person they’ll be helping out.

With that in mind, here are our three top tips for you:

1. Use your network
Using connections to get work experience makes for a much more efficient process and we would suggest giving anyone in your network who has a vocation that interests you a quick message letting them know you’re on the hunt for some experience ad asking if there is anything they can do to help you out. “But I don’t have a network, I’m still a student!” we hear you cry, but of course you do – your family and friends all form part of your network and don’t forget that they all have family and friends to you have a link with. Sound people out on sectors that interest you and you never know who might know someone in a position to help you.

2. Know your audience 
While a sizeable chunk of work experience is learning about what different careers entail, it still pays do to a bit of research before you approach someone to give you a placement. A little bit of knowledge at least shows whomever you may be approaching that you are willing to learn and you do not insist on being spoon fed. Knowing your audience is fundamental when it comes to applying for work outright. So why not put it into practice now? If, for example, it is law related work experience you are looking for then make sure you come across as someone reliable and well behaved; if it is something in a more creative industry then don’t be afraid to let your whacky side shine through!

3. Don’t be afraid of rejection
We appreciate this is easy to say but less easy to do. Looking for work experience requires you to put yourself out there and, in turn, opens you up to being rejected. Take it from us though, rejection is no bad thing and you should be incredibly proud you are getting out there and doing something so positive for your own development. There are a million and one reasons why people can’t always help you out and, especially when it’s for work experience, the majority of those will be unrelated to you and completely out of your control. Don’t take rejections personally, because they won’t be personal, just keep pushing at different avenues and we promise you’ll get there!

Last but not least, we very much believe there is no such thing a bad work experience – you may not enjoy elements of your experiences within different sectors, but at least that means you have learned it is probably not where your future path should lead, a valuable insight into your own personal development.

Good luck to you all and let us know any of your work experience related stories by tweeting us @ForesightLive or contacting us via the website!