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New Careers Resolutions:

It is no surprise that the idea of “New Year, New You” is trending at the moment and, while we kind of thought that the old you was pretty great, we do have a few careers resolutions that can help make 2016 that little bit easier.

Firstly, can we please take this opportunity to say that we hope you had a fantastic Christmas break and an equally good New Year. We are very much looking forward to everyone we will be meeting and helping this year.
Did you know, the most common resolutions are to eat better and exercise more? Well, to celebrate the start of 2016 we thought we’d help you out with a few more New Year’s resolutions of our own. We’ll be following these careers resolutions, and hope you will do too:
1. Keep positive about the future:
We spend our lives researching what the future world of work will look like and honestly want to reassure you that it is, despite the dramatic statistics you might see in the news, a really exciting time to be young and approaching the working world – keep positive and just focus on making that world your oyster. We’re here to help if you ever need a little careers boost, just get in touch!
2. Read the news every week
We’ve said it before and we’ll undoubtedly say it again: in today’s globally connected world having an understanding of what is going on is paramount. So, we suggest making sure that you read the news every week one of your resolutions. When we say read the news, don’t just mean headlines, but articles and features too. We hope it will become something you quite enjoy!
3. Keep track of your skills progression:
Week in and out you will without doubt be boosting your employability skills and, furthermore, demonstrating them in a variety of different scenarios. Using the STAR technique we teach in our workshops, try and keep track of the skills you are working on when you have demonstrated how great you are at them. Might sound like effort now, but it will really pay off when it comes to writing a CV or cover letter and preparing for interview.
4. Learn about a different career every month:
Ever heard of a Chief Listening Officer? Didn’t think so – they sit a rung higher than Social Media Managers and basically keep an eye and ear to all things related to their brand. With the world of work constantly evolving, it is worth trying to find a little bit more about your options. People normally love talking about what they do, so why not ask about and see if you can’t learn a little bit more about a job every month?
That’s your lot for now, but if you have any careers resolutions of your own, please don’t hesitate to be in touch, we love to hear from you: