Keeping a personal statement personal:

Imagine being the admissions tutor who has to trawl through literally thousands of personal statements, most of which have lost all originality due to being filtered through online templates, teachers and parents alike. Keeping that more personal touch is a sure fire way to stand out…

Forming a key part of the university application, we have a peek at the downsides to writing a generic personal statement…

Imagine if you get given a Ferrari, and you’re told that it’s your very own, one-of-a-kind Ferrari, with personalised number plates, speed stripes in your favourite colour and cup-holders for your favourite drink.

Pretty great, if you like that kind of thing.

Then imagine you take it out for a spin and find all your friends, everyone you’ve ever met, driving the same Ferrari.


If your personal statement is indistinguishable from fifty other people’s personal statement, it isn’t a personal statement.

This is the number one stumbling block when it comes to university applications: the impersonal personal statement. The admissions tutors see nothing to makes the student stand out from the dozens of others so when it comes to trimming the list, it’s the first to be dropped.

The PS is the one chance you have to catch their eye, to stand out, to make them pause mid cup of coffee and say ‘Hey, this one really is interested in Sociology’. They want to know that you really are passionate about your subject beyond the A-level syllabus, that you will genuinely engage with the teaching and embrace the learning process.

Imagine how devastated you’d be if you walked into a room and someone shrugged and said ‘Nah, you’re just like all the rest of them’. That’s why you (presumably) make an effort to come across as an individual worth people time. You should take the same pride over your personal statement. You want yours to be the one they remember meeting at the party.

How did you make your personal statement more personal to you? Let us know by getting in touch!