Our 5 ways to boost employability on a train journey:

The smallest pockets of time can be used to boost employability, so we suppose this could work for planes and the odd car journey too…

The smallest pockets of time can be used to boost your employability, so next time you’re on a train, instead of staring out the window, try some of these. As you might have guessed, this was written on a train #wepracticewhatwepreach:

1. Listen to a podcast. There are hundreds of great podcasts available covering everything from business to entertaining true life stories. Try listening to The Moth, Sustainababble or any of the huge number of podcasts aimed at young entrepreneurs.

2. Download a TED talk. Similar to podcasts but with the advantage of being visual and even more bitesize. Choose a few talks on different topics and you’ll be loaded up with interesting facts and conversation starters. For a twist on the elevator pitch exercise, think about what your own TED talk topic would be.

3. Read a newspaper. Staying on top of current affairs is a crucial skill, but if it doesn’t come naturally to you, try using forced train downtime as your window for catching up with the world around you. Try and spot the topics you’re studying in some of the major stories as you go – it shows you’re engaging with your subject.

4. Learn a language. Studies show that languages are on the wane, so why not teach yourself basic French or Spanish on the road? There are dozens of great language apps to choose from, just plug yourself in and see how you go. But maybe save the speaking part for the real thing, not the 8.17 from Woking.

5. Play footsie with the person opposite you. Networking, you never know where it might lead.